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CSA Member Feedback

"We love the freshness of the produce and exceptional quality picked at the peak time of harvest."

"It’s been a great experience for me. The variety has been exciting to look forward to. Certainly superb product every week!"

"Really great experience. Love the variety of produce that you get and it is well worth the price you pay!"

"Native Roots Farm is an affordable, healthy, and sustainable way to support local agriculture. You won't find fresher produce at the grocery store (when stored properly, their greens last for almost a full week!) and you'll reap all the benefits! Plus, Ali and Damien couldn't be more amazing. These two really care about what they grow, and they care about their customers."

"I love my CSA membership. I miss it already!!!"

"We’ve been very happy with our experience and enjoy receiving so much fresh and delicious produce!"

"Every week was like unpacking a gift. Especially the winter CSA - as the days grew more gloomy, and produce from the store became sadder, unpacking Friday's share of super fresh greens, root vegetables, and assorted extras was the highlight of our week. Fresh greens, picked less than 24 hours before in December? A winter miracle."