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How We Farm​​:

1.   We DO NOT use chemical pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, or fertilizers.

2.   We rely primarily upon farm made compost, purchased poultry manure & rock dusts to provide rich nutrients, increase organic matter, and sustain biological life in our soil.

3.   We use green manures, crop rotation, and little tillage to build soil structure, control weeds, and increase fertility.

4.   We practice close monitoring of our fields to proactively deal with potential pest problems.

5.   We use closed-loop systems to reduce farm waste and increase self-sufficiency.

We use over 75% Certified Organic Seed.

Our Favorite Seed Companies are:

Johnny's Selected Seeds

High Mowing Seeds

Southern Exposure Seed Exchange

Territorial Seed

Filaree Farm (organic seed garlic)

Mythic Farm (organic seed potatoes)

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